Installing, upgrading, or deleting i5/OS and related software


This topic collection guides you through the concepts and procedures for installing, upgrading, or deleting i5/OS software on your system.

Use this information to install the i5/OS® release, part of the i5/OS release, or licensed programs related to i5/OS in IBM® eServer™ and IBM Systems i5 and p5 models. If you are installing software as part of an iSeries™ hardware upgrade, first go to the topic Upgrading your iSeries server . If you are upgrading to other hardware models, see the Upgrades topic .

If you are planning to boot to i5/OS from the load-source disk unit that is attached via the 2847 I/O processor, ensure you see the IBM Redbook, iSeries and TotalStorage: A Guide to Implementing External Disk on eServer i5; SG24-7120

Link outside information center for important planning and implementation considerations.

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