Upgrading your iSeries server


Use this information to upgrade from one IBM® eServer iSeries™ server, hardware feature, or i5/OS® release to another iSeries server, hardware feature or i5/OS release.

You can no longer order a hardware upgrade for an iSeries-to-iSeries feature or server. To upgrade from either an 8xx system or more current models, see the Upgrades topic in the IBM Systems Hardware Information Center.
In an upgrade, the target server retains the same serial number as the source server. If you are moving to a new iSeries server with a different serial number, use the Data migrations topic. If you are upgrading your server capacity by activating standby processors, see the Capacity on Demand topic.

IBM Migration Services can help you in planning and upgrading to the latest servers. This service includes a planning session to discuss all known customer requirements. The outcome of this planning session is a final hardware and software configuration and an installation plan. The services specialist can also perform on-site services such as upgrading the server to the new release of i5/OS, migrating disk storage, upgrading partitioned servers, and consolidating servers. For more information, see the IBM Migration Services Web site.

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