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  1. Add assured delivery to Web services through WS-ReliableMessaging
  2. Administer nodes using the administrative agent
  3. Administer nodes using the job manager
  4. Authentication generator or consumer token settings
  5. Set a data source
  6. Set client reroute for applications that use DB2 databases
  7. Set mail providers and sessions
  8. Set Oracle Real Application Cluster
  9. Set the callers for general and default bindings
  10. Set transaction properties for an appserver
  11. Core group communications using the core group bridge service
  12. Core group discovery and failure detection protocols
  13. Customize SQLJ profiles with the db2sqljcustomize tool
  14. Data source minimum required settings for Microsoft SQL Server
  15. Deploy business-level applications
  16. Deploy SQLJ applications
  17. Enable DB2 Performance Expert Extended Insight
  18. Enable trusted context for DB2 databases
  19. Exceptions pertaining to data access
  20. Introduction: Application servers
  21. Introduction: Clusters
  22. WS-Transaction
  23. Metadata for module settings
  24. IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM)
  25. Server settings configuration scripts
  26. Customized UDDI node
  27. Shared library settings
  28. SSLMigrationCommands
  29. IBM Support Assistant
  30. Use SOAP over JMS to transport Web services
  31. Script library to automate the application serving environment
  32. Web Services-Interoperability Basic Profile
  33. WebSphere DMZ Secure Proxy Server for IBM WAS
  34. High availability manager
  35. WS-ReliableMessaging