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The Jython script library provides a set of procedures to automate the most common appserver administration functions. For example, we can use the script library to configure...

We can run each script procedure individually, or combine several procedures to develop new scripts

The scripting library provides a set of procedures to automate the most common appserver administration functions. There are three ways to use the Jython script library.

Each script from the script library directory automatically loads when you launch wsadmin.

To automatically load the own Jython scripts (*.py) when wsadmin starts, create a new subdirectory, and save existing automation scripts in the directory...


Each script library name must be unique and cannot be duplicated.

Do not edit the script procedures in the script library. To customize script library procedures, save the modified scripts to a new subdirectory to avoid overwriting the library.

To automatically load Jython scripts (*.py) that are not located in the WAS_HOME/scriptLibraries directory when wsadmin starts, set the wsadmin.script.libraries system property to the script location. For example, if the script libraries are saved in the temp directory on a Windows operating system, the following example sets the script path in the wsadmin command line tool:

bin>wsadmin -lang jython -javaoption "-Dwsadmin.script.libraries=c:/myJythonScripts"

To load multiple directories, specify each directory in the system property separated by a semicolon (;)...

bin>wsadmin -lang jython -javaoption "-Dwsadmin.script.libraries=c:/myJythonScripts;c:/AdminScripts;c:/configScripts"

The script library provides automation scripts for the following appserver administration functions:



What to do next

Determine which scripts to use to automate the environment, or create custom scripts using assembly tools.

Automating server administration
Automating admin architecture setup
Automating application configurations
Automating business-level application configurations
Automating data access resource configuration
Automating messaging resource configurations
Automating authorization group configurations
Automating resource configurations.
Displaying script library help information with wsadmin



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