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  1. Running a Java EE client application with launchClient
  2. Troubleshoot client applications
  3. Perform CSIv2 and SAS client configuration
  4. Understand the client.policy file permissions
  5. Install client applications
  6. Decide on a type of client application
  7. Develop a Java EE client application
  8. Develop pluggable client applications
  9. Develop thin client applications
  10. Develop ActiveX client applications
  11. Troubleshoot client applications
  12. Obtain internationalization contexts in clients
  13. Use the internationalization service
  14. Involve the clients in transactions
  15. Use the name space
  16. Accessing data from application clients
  17. Develop JAX-WS Web services clients
  18. Develop JAX-RPC Web services clients
  19. Develop JMS clients
  20. Migrate client applications
  21. Set database resources, in particular
  22. Client modules



The Samples Gallery and the Client Samples Gallery offer the following client related Samples. Their availability varies by operating system. In general, Applet clients and ActiveX to EJB Bridge clients are not available on Unix and Linux operating systems.