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To access samples from Windows desktop...

Start | Programs | IBM WebSphere | Application Server v7.0 | Profiles | profile_name | Samples Gallery

To run the samples from a Web browser...



Plants by WebSphere application

Online store that demonstrates several Java EE functions.


Technology samples

Demonstrate various core components in Java EE applications.

To install...

  1. Install latest fixpack.

  2. Stop appservers: server1, nodeagent, dmgr

  3. Install sample...

    cd WAS_HOME/samples/bin
    ./install.bat -samples TechSamp

  4. Restart WAS.

  5. Synchronize nodes

If we get error...

Failed to extract binaries to temporary location

...when trying to start an app, open up directory/file permissions.


Web Services samples


To install...

  1. Stop WAS.

  2. Install sample...

    cd WAS_HOME/samples/bin
    ./install.bat -samples WebServicesSamples

  3. Restart WAS.

  4. Synchronize nodes


Service Data Objects sample

Demonstrates data access to a relational database through Service Data Objects (SDO) and JDBC Mediator technologies.

To install...

  1. Stop WAS.

  2. Install sample...

    cd WAS_HOME/samples/bin
    ./install.bat -samples AlbumCatalog

  3. Restart WAS.

  4. Synchronize nodes


Programming model extensions samples


To install...

  1. Stop WAS.

  2. Install samples...

    cd WAS_HOME/samples/bin
    ./install.bat -samples DynamicQuery
    ./install.bat -samples WorkArea
    ./install.bat -samples i18nctx
    ./install.bat -samples activitysessions
    ./install.bat -samples AppProfile
    ./install.bat -samples JTAExtensionsSamples
    ./install.bat -samples AsynchBeans
    ./install.bat -samples Scheduler

  3. Restart WAS.

  4. Synchronize nodes



BeenThere workload management sample

Demonstrates workload management and clustering capabilities.

The BeenThere workload management Sample is the only Sample that is supported in a multi-server, clustered environment. See...



Install the Samples Gallery

To view WAS Samples Gallery...

  1. Install WAS ND, specifying the "Install the sample applications" option.

    By default, only the Samples Gallery and Plants by WebSphere applications are installed to an appserver.

    Sample code is deposited in...


    Installable samples are in..


    If we selected to install the sample applications when defining a profile, the Samples are installed in...


    The Sample source code is placed in...


  2. To run the Samples in a distributed ND environment...

    • Install the Samples in a stand-alone appserver profile installation
    • Add the stand-alone appserver profile as a managed node of the dmgr cell.


    For addNode... dmgr_hostname -includeapps -includebuses
  3. Start the appserver.

  4. Verify the Samples Gallery application is running.

  5. Access the Samples Gallery.



To troubleshoot, verify...


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