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Client modules

Application Clients for WAS follow several programming models with unique requirements and suitability for different types of applications. Most of these models are only available when you install the product.

For a list of supported products and version information, see the Supported Prerequisites Web site.

ActiveX application client (Windows platforms only)

WAS provides an ActiveX to EJB bridge that enables ActiveX programs to access WebSphere Enterprise Java Beansthrough a set of ActiveX automation objects.

Applet client (Windows platforms only)

The applet client provides a browser-based Java run time capable of interacting with enterprise beans directly, instead of indirectly through a servlet.

Java EE application client

The Java EE application client model provides the benefits of Java EE.

Pluggable application client (Windows platforms only)

The pluggable application client is a thin application client that uses the Sun Java run-time environment (JRE) instead of the IBM JRE environment.

Thin application client

This application client is a Java application client without the Java EE client container support. It uses a different model than the Java EE application client.

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