Service (SAS) client configuration

A secure Java client requires configuration properties to determine how to perform security with a server.

These configuration properties are typically put into a properties file somewhere on the client system and referenced by specifying the following system property on the command line of the Java client. For example, this property accepts any valid Web address.$WP_PROFILE/properties/sas.client.props

When this file is processed by the Object Request Broker (ORB), security can be enabled between the Java client and the target server.

If any syntax problems exist with the ConfigURL property and sas.client.props is not found, the Java client proceeds to connect insecurely. Errors display indicating the failure to read the ConfigURL property. Typically the problem is related to having two slashes after file, which is not valid. Use the following properties to configure the Secure Authentication Service (SAS) and CSIv2 authentication protocols:

SAS is supported only between V6.0.x and previous version servers that have been federated in a V6.1 cell.


Authentication protocol settings for a client configuration
Security Authentication Service authentication protocol client settings


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