Create servers in coexistence or multiple instance environments

WAS lets you create multiple servers based on an existing template, or using an existing server as a template. You can generate unique ports for the new server during its creation. Always select the unique port option when creating servers in a coexistence environment of multiple versions, installations or configuration instances, due to the likelihood of conflicting port assignments. Verify port assignments for the newly created server and change them if necessary.

  1. Create a server (servername, for example) using either the administrative console or wsadmin scripts.

  2. Log on to the administrative console.

  3. Go to...

    Servers | Application Servers | servername | End Points

  4. Go into each end point and change the port numbers.

  5. Change the HTTP Transport ports.

    1. Go to...

      Servers | appservers | servername | Web Container | HTTP Transports.

    2. Change the HTTP transport port numbers.

    3. Make a record of the new port numbers.

  6. Add new port numbers in the Virtual Hosts configuration.

  7. Change the JMS server ports, if you create servers from an application server template that has the embedded messaging feature.

    1. Go to Servers > appservers > servername > Server Components > JMS Servers > Security Port Endpoint.

    2. Change the port numbers.

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