Set up Version 5 coexistence

This task describes how to install a Version 5.1 product to coexist with another installation instance of Version 5.1 or V5.x. After installing the WAS product, you can install it again on the same machine. Select the new installation option from the installation wizard panel, to install a new instance instead of adding features to the last installation, and to install into a separate installation directory. Select the coexistence option to provide nonconflicting ports.

Each installation of the base product is a stand-alone Application Server (server) with its own set of unique configuration files.

Be aware of multiple instance limitations:

Reasons to use multiple installation instances include...

Reasons to not use multiple installation instances include...

The Creating multiple Version 5 configuration instances topic describes installing the base WAS product once and creating multiple configuration instances.

Use the following procedure to install multiple installation instances.

  1. Upgrade V5.0.0 or V5.0.1 with embedded messaging to V5.0.2.

  2. Use the installation wizard to install another installation.If you intend to share a single Web server among installations, install a Web server plug-in feature during one installation only, as described in the next step.

  3. Share a Web server among multiple installation instances.

    1. Select a Web server plug-in feature during one installation only.

    2. Generate the plug-in configuration files for every installation instance.

    3. Edit the plugin-cfg.xml configuration files to merge them into one master configuration.

    4. Replace the original plugin-cfg.xml file with the master file on the Application Server where you selected the Web server plug-in feature.

    You can access samples from only one of the installation instances.

  4. Create additional servers in a multiple instance or coexistence environment.

  5. Change port assignments in configuration files if you have a node that you cannot start because of port conflicts.


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