HTTP transport settings

To configure an HTTP transport...

Console | Servers | Application Servers | server | Web Container | HTTP Transports | host_name.


Configuration tab

Host Specifies the host IP address to bind for transport.

If the appserver is on a local machine, the host name might be localhost.

Data type String

Port Specifies the port to bind for transport. Specify a port number between 1 and 65535. The port number must be unique for each application server on a given machine.

Data type Integer
Range 1 to 65535

SSL Enabled Specifies whether to protect connections between the WebSphere plug-in and appserver with SSL. The default is not to use SSL.

Data type Boolean
Default false

SSL Specifies the SSL settings type for connections between the WebSphere plug-in and appserver. The options include one or more SSL settings defined in the Security Center; for example, DefaultSSLSettings, ORBSSLSettings, or LDAPSSLSettings.

Data type String
Default An SSL setting defined in the Security Center