Server collection

Use this page to view information about and manage application and JMS servers.

Application Servers

The Application Servers page lists appservers in the cell and the nodes holding the appservers.

The Network Deployment product also shows the status of the appservers. The status indicates whether a server is running, stopped, or encountering problems.

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > Application Servers.

JMS Servers

Each JMS server provides the functions of the JMS provider for a node in your administrative domain. There can be at most one JMS server on each node in the administration domain, and any appserver within the domain can access JMS resources served by any JMS server on any node in the domain.

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > JMS Servers.

Name Specifies a logical name for the server. Server names must be unique within a node.

Node Name of the node for the appserver.

Status   Indicates whether the appserver is started or stopped. (Network Deployment only)

Note that if the status is Unavailable, the node agent is not running in that node and restart the node agent before you can start the server.