Log Analyzer


The Log Analyzer ...

  1. Takes one or more service or activity logs
  2. Merges all of the data
  3. Displays the entries
  4. Uses a symptom database to diagnose problems.

To download the latest symptom database from IBM:

Log Analyzer | File | Update Database | WAS Network Deployment Symptom Database


About the service or activity log

The appserver creates the service or activity log file, activity.log, from the activity of the various WAS components.

The activity.log file is in binary-format, and cannot be viewed with a text editor.


Viewing activity.log in the absence of a graphical interface

The Log Analyzer tool cannot view remote files. If the OS on which you are running WAS does not support the use of a graphical interface, transfer the file in binary mode to the system on which you are running the Java administrative console. Use the Log Analyzer tool there.

In cases where transferring the file is impractical or inconvenient, use the alternate viewing tool, showlog.sh, to view activity.log log...

  1. Change directory to bin directory of the $WAS_HOME.

  2. Run showlog.sh.

To direct the activity.log contents to stdout

showlog.sh activity.log

To dump activity log to a text file for viewing with a text editor...

showlog.sh activity.log textFileName


Access Log Analyzer help files

To specify the browser used for help files:

Log Analyzer | File | Preferences | General | Help | Browser Location


Install Log Analyzer silently

To install Log Analyzer silently configure responsefile.txt with the following option...

-P logAnalyzerBean.active="true"

...and set the Performance and Analysis Tools property to true

-P performanceAndAnalysisToolsBean.active="true".


Use the Log Analyzer

To view the service or activity logs using the Log Analyzer...

  1. cd $WAS_HOME/bin.

  2. Run "waslogbr"

  3. Select File | Open.

  4. Navigate to the directory containing the service or activity log file.

  5. Select the service or activity log file and click Open.

  6. To analyze the records, right-click on a record in the tree on the left, select UnitOfWorkView from the right-click menu, and select Analyze. Now any records with a green check mark next to them match a record in the symptom database. When you select a check-marked record, you will see an explanation of the problem in the lower-right-hand pane.

    When starting the Log Analyzer for the first time, or after the Log Analyzer preferences files of the users have been deleted, the following message is displayed in the Log Analyzer's shell window

    Cannot open input stream for waslogbrsys

    You can disregard this message, as it is informational and not indicative of abnormal operation.

    WAS includes the following Log Analyzer files for use with the WebSphere Commerce Suite...

    • $WAS_HOME/bin:

      • wcslogbr.bat
      • wcslogbrsys.cfg
      • wcslogbrsys.ini

    • $WAS_HOME/properties/logbr:

      • wcsanalyzers.xml
      • wcslogtypes.xml
      • wcsrecdef.xml

    You can ignore these files.


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