Log Analyzer Preferences notebook -- Logs

To view this page, launch the Log Analyzer, $WAS_HOME/bin/waslogbr on UNIX systems or $WAS_HOME\bin\waslogbr.bat on Windows NT or Windows 2000 systems. Click File > Preferences > Logs.

The Logs page of the Log Analyzer Preferences notebook lets you group the entries in the logs by different entry fields for viewing. For example, you can select to group the log entries by TimeStamp or clientHostName when they are displayed in the Logs pane.

Primary sort field Use this filter to set the first level of grouping when log entries are displayed in the Logs pane. By default, the log entries are grouped by UnitOfWork.

Secondary sort field

Use this filter to set the second level of grouping (that is, within the grouping of the primary sort field) when log entries are displayed in the Logs pane.

All the entries within the grouped folders are always sorted in timestamp sequence with the earliest entry at the top of the list.

Redisplay log file immediately Select this box to immediately regroup the logs entries (after you have clicked OK) based on the new filter settings. The entries in the Logs Pane are redisplayed according to the new grouping. If you want to delay the grouping, then do not select this box and, at a later time, you can use the File > Redisplay logs... menu selection to regroup and display the log entries based on the changed filter settings.

When you are finished, click OK to apply your changes and close the Preferences notebook.


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