Log Analyzer Preferences notebook - Proxy

To view this page, launch the Log Analyzer, $WAS_HOME/bin/waslogbr on UNIX systems or $WAS_HOME\bin\waslogbr.bat on Windows NT or Windows 2000 systems. Click File > Preferences > Proxy.

The symptom database included in the Log Analyzer package contains entries for common events and errors. New versions of the symptom database provide additional entries. Download new versions of the database from the IBM FTP site. The URL for the FTP site is located in file: $WAS_HOME/bin/ivblogbr.properties.

The default setting for the FTP site is: ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/softwa../WAS51/info/tools/loganalyzer/symptoms/std/symptomdb.xml

You can update your symptom database in one of two ways:

  1. Download a new version from the FTP site, and replace your existing database with the new version. Your database is: $WAS_HOME/symptoms/std/symptomdb.xml.

  2. Use the Log Analyzer graphical user interface (GUI) to update your database by selecting: File -> Update database -> WAS Symptom Database (for WAS) or WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Symptom Database for WAS Network Deployment.


Set the proxy definition

If your organization uses a FTP or SOCKS proxy server, contact your system administrator for the host name and port number of the proxy server.

If you use the Log Analyzer GUI to update the database, you can add a proxy definition to the Proxy Preferences page as described below...

  1. Select File -> Preferences -> Proxy.

  2. Select the appropriate proxy type.

  3. Enter the host name and port number of the proxy server on the Proxy panel.

If you do not use the Log Analyzer GUI, add the proxy definition to the command that launches Log Analyzer.