Manage the Files widget 

After adding the Files widget to a community, you can refresh the widget to display the latest file updates, hide the widget, or remove it from the community if it is no longer needed.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to hide, move, or remove the Files widget from your community.


To manage the Files widget, perform the following steps.

  1. From the community's Overview page, click the Actions icon Actions icon in the Files widget title bar, and select from the menu that displays. in the Files widget title bar, and select from the menu that displays.

    • To expand or collapse the widget content, select Maximize or Minimize as appropriate.

    • To refresh the widget and see all the latest files uploaded to the community or updated in the community, choose Refresh.

    • To move the Files widget up or down the Overview page, choose Move Up or Move Down as appropriate.

    • To hide the Files widget, choose Hide and confirm that you want to temporarily hide files from the community.

        When you are ready to resume file sharing, select Community Actions -> Customize to open the content palette, and select Files from the Hidden section of the palette. All content is restored.

    • To permanently remove the Files widget, choose Remove and confirm that you want to permanently remove the widget.


        • Choosing this option permanently deletes all the files previously added to the community.

        • If your community has a media gallery, you cannot remove the Files widget from your community because the widget is used to store the media gallery files. However, you can hide the Files widget if you do not want your members to be able to use it. See the previous bullet point for details.

    • To access help documentation for the widget, select Help.

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