IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

ITCAM for Application Diagnostics user interfaces


ITCAM for Application Diagnostics functions can broadly be divided into two areas:

Each of these functions uses different combinations of components. Each function also uses a different user interface.

The two user interfaces are...

The Tivoli Enterprise Portal user interface

The Tivoli Enterprise Portal is part of the IBM Tivoli Monitoring architecture and is the user interface into your ITCAM for Application Diagnostics environment site and possibly other IBM Tivoli enterprise applications if they are installed in your environment.

You can...

The Tivoli Enterprise Portal provides monitoring information, such as memory usage, response time, pool analysis, and data source analysis. The Tivoli Enterprise Portal enables you to drill down from server level metrics to specific application and resource level metrics.

MSVE user interface

The MSVE user interface provides users with management and monitoring functions for application servers. In addition, the MSVE also provides a diagnostic function. Here are some of the diagnostic activities you can perform in MSVE:

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