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View saved reports

After defining a report other than a Top report, there are six different reports that display various levels of detail: Trend report, Decomposition report, Method report, Request report, SQL report, and Trace report. The reports that you have access to vary depending on the criteria you select while creating your report. For example, on the Server and Report Type Selection page, depending on the Report Type you select, the following reports are available:

View the reports:

  1. From the top navigation, click...

      Performance Analysis > View Saved Reports > report_name | Run Report

    The Trend report opens first.

    Use the left navigation to return to the Saved Reports page, Modify reports, or Save a report.

  2. Select an option from the Additional Details list box to decompose the Trend report.

  3. Click the bar displayed in the graph or a data point in the table to view more details. The Decomposition report opens.

  4. Click a section of the chart or a data point in the table to view more details. The Request/Transaction Report Detail page opens displaying the Detail data, the Summary, and the Worst Performers.


If you selected Request/Transaction Analysis as the Report Type, to access the Trace report:

  1. Click the Request Name to view the Trace report.

  2. The Trace report page - Nesting Summary page opens. For more information see View the Nesting Summary.

    These instructions apply to all the report types available. However, remember that the reports available depend on the Report Type selected. Top reports have no additional detail.

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Report management

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