IBM Worklight v5.0.5 > WL server administration


  1. Installation prerequisites
  2. Create the DB2 databases
  3. Create MySQL databases
  4. Create the Oracle databases
  5. Run IBM Installation Manager
  6. Start WL server with Liberty Profile
  7. Start WL server with WAS
  8. Start WL server with Apache Tomcat
  9. Verify WL server startup
  10. Apply environment-specific customization
  11. Deploy content: applications and adapters
  12. Database and certificate security passwords
  13. Apache Tomcat security options
  14. WAS security options
  15. WAS security option 1 procedure
  16. WAS security option 2 procedure
  17. Run IBM Worklight in WAS with Java 2 security enabled
  18. Change the WL server working directory

Parent WL server administration