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Apply environment-specific customization


The IBM Worklight installation creates a temporary customization war file. Project-specific customization WAR files are required for each environment (test, stage, prod, etc...).

To configure the WAR file context root, set the context property in

On most application servers, the default context root name is the WAR file name.

You cannot deploy more than one IBM Worklight WAR file per server. The deployment might succeed, but might result in some unexpected runtime behavior.

Deploy a customized war file

  1. Create the WAR file using either...

    • A variant of the mobile project using the IBM Worklight Development Studio.
    • An Ant task.

  2. In WAR file source, edit and set database connection properties...

  3. If the WAR file already exists, undeploy the automatically-created WAR file created by the installation from the application server.

  4. Deploy the new customization WAR to the WL server.

  5. Repeat the verification process using the new context in the console URL.

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