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Run IBM Worklight in WAS with Java 2 security enabled

To run IBM Worklight in WAS with Java 2 security enabled...

  1. Install WL server on a WAS instance.

  2. Enable Java 2 security in WAS.

    In the WAS console, select...

      Security | Global security | Use Java 2 security to restrict application access to local resources

  3. Edit...


    ...and add the following content....

    grant codeBase "file:${was.install.root}/worklight-jee-library-xxx.jar"{
    // The war file is your WL server war.
    grant codeBase "file:worklight.war"{
      //Use all permission for simplicity, however, it might
      // cause security problems.
      permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "*";
      permission "${was.install.root}${/}-", "read,write,delete";
      // In Linux need to set TEMP folder of Linux.
      permission "C:/Windows/TEMP/${/}-", "read,write,delete";
      permission java.util.PropertyPermission "*", "read, write";
      permission java.lang.reflect.ReflectPermission "suppressAccessChecks";
      permission "createAttachProvider";
      permission "attachVirtualMachine";
      permission "createAttachProvider";
      permission "attachVirtualMachine";
      permission "*", "accept,resolve";};

  4. Restart WAS for the modification to take effect.

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