IBM Worklight v5.0.5

IBM Worklight v5



Develop HTML5, hybrid and native applications using...

Access device APIs using native code or standard web languages over a uniform Apache Cordova bridge.


Implement runtime skins that automatically adjust to...

WL server

WL server is not traditional WebSphere application server. Rather, it acts as a runtime container for Worklight application packages that run on top of traditional application servers.

Server-side adapters channel back-end enterprise systems and services to mobile devices...

Use WL server to..

Worklight device runtime components

IBM Worklight uses the Apache Cordova to bridge between standard web technologies...

...and native functions...

Worklight Console

Used to...

Application Center

Share applications with members of the development team.

  1. Dev team creates a version of an application.

  2. Dev team uploads the application to the Application Center

  3. A tester runs the Application Center installer application and installs the app on their mobile device. and tests it.

  4. The tester rates the application and submits feedback, which is visible to the developer from the Application Center console.

The Application Center is aimed for private usage within a company as an enterprise application store. You can target some mobile applications to specific groups of users.

Relative number of active Android devices

To obtain data about the relative number of active devices running a given version of the Android platform, see the Platform Versions.

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