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Data synchronization with JSONStore

Apps that use WL.JSONStore can maintain a local copy of data and push the local updates to a back-end service.

You can...

Operations that act on local and remote data include...

Operations that act on local data only include...

The JSON data store tracks modifications to data made locally. You can then push the local modifications to a Worklight server adapter. Push the data to the adapter using the push and pushSelected methods. The push call attempts to push all the local modifications to the adapter, whereas pushSelected operates only on the set of documents you specify.

Only a single instance of JSONStore is supported per app. However, the instance can store many collections.

To relate a collection to an adapter, select the adapter option as part of the collection creation options. You do not have to associate a collection with an adapter; however if an adapter is not specified for the collection, calls to push and pushSelected return an error.


  1. Develop an app that uses data synchronization
  2. Encrypt collections
  3. Troubleshoot synchronization

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