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<procedure> element of the adapter XML file

The <procedure> element defines a process for accessing a service exposed by a back-end application.

The service can retrieve data from the back end or perform a transaction at the back end.

<procedure name="unique-name"
           securityTest="value" />

The <procedure> element has the following attributes:

Attribute Description
name Name of the procedure. Must be unique within the adapter. Can contain alphanumeric characters and underscores. Must start with a letter.
connectAs Defines how to create a connection to the back end for invoking the retrieve procedure. Optional. Valid values...

server Connection to the back end is created according to the connection policy defined for the adapter. Default.
endUser Connection to the back end is created with the user’s identity. Only valid if a user realm has been identified in the security tests for this procedure.

requestTimeoutInSeconds Timeout in seconds for waiting until receiving a response from the back end, including the time for opening the connection. The default is 30 seconds. Optional.
audit Defines whether calls to the procedure are logged in the audit log. Optional. The log file is...


Valid values..

true Calls to the procedure are logged in the audit log.
false Default. Calls to the procedure are not logged in the audit log.
securityTest Name of the security test used to protect the adapter procedure, as defined in authenticationConfig.xml. Optional.

Parent The adapter XML File