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The <authentication> element of the HTTP adapter

The HTTP adapter can use one of four protocols, and can also contain a server identity.

Basic <authentication> <basic/> </authentication>
Digest <authentication> <digest/> </authentication>
NTLM <authentication> <ntlm hostname="value"/> </authentication>

The hostname attribute is optional, and denotes the name of the computer on which the WL server runs. Its default value is...

SPNEGO/Kerberos <authentication> <spnego stripPortOffServiceName="true"/> </authentication>

The attribute stripPortOffServiceName is optional, and specifies whether the Kerberos client uses the service name without the port number. The default value is false.

When you use this option, also place the krb5.conf file under...


The file must contain Kerberos configuration such as the location of the Kerberos server, and domain names. Its structure is described in the Kerberos V5 System Administrator's Guide in the website.

Specify the Server Identity

If the adapter exposes procedures with the attribute connectAs="server", the connection policy can contain a <serverIdentity> element. This feature applies to all authentication schemes, for example:

        <username> ${user} </username>
        <password> ${password} </password>

Parent The adapter XML File