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The <connectionPolicy> element of the JMS adapter

<connectionPolicy xsi:type="jms:JMSConnectionPolicyType">

    <!-- optional jndi repository connection details –->
    <namingConnection url="jndi repository url"
                      initialContextFactory="JMS provider initial context factory class name"

    <jmsConnection connectionFactory="jndi connection factory name"
                   user="messaging service connection user name"
                   password="messaging service connection password">


Attribute Description
xsi:type Must be set to jms:JMSConnectionPolicyType.

Subelement Description
namingConnection How to connect to an external JNDI repository. Used if JNDI objects are not stored in the JEE server the adapter is deployed in. Optional.
jmsConnection Connection factory and optional security details used to connect to the messaging system.

Parent The adapter XML File