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The <connectionPolicy> element of the HTTP adapter

The <ConnectionPolicy> element has the following structure:

<connectionPolicy xsi:type="http:HTTPConnectionPolicyType"

    <protocol> protocol </protocol>
    <domain> host-name </domain>
    <port> host-port </port>
    <authentication> … </authentication>


Attribute Description
xsi:type Must be set to http:HTTPConnectionPolicyType.
cookiePolicy How the HTTP adapter handles cookies that arrive from the back-end application. Optional. Valid values are as follows:

  • RFC_2109 (The default)
  • RFC_2965

maxRedirects Maximum number of redirects that the HTTP adapter can follow. Useful when the back-end application sends circular redirects as a result of some error, such as authentication failures. Default is 20. Optional.

Subelement Description
protocol URL protocol to use. Possible values are http (default) and https. Optional.
domain The host address.
port The port address. Default is 80. Optional.
authentication Authentication configuration of the HTTP adapter. Optional.
proxy Used when the back-end application must be accessed through a proxy. Optional.

Parent The adapter XML File