Insert comments into a functional test script

During recording or editing, you can insert lines of comment text into a Functional Tester script. Comments are helpful for documenting and editing scripts.

To insert a comment into a script during recording or editing:


  1. If recording, click the Insert Script Support Commands button on the Recording Monitor toolbar.

  2. If editing:

    1. Position the pointer in the script where you want to insert the comment.

    2. On the Functional Tester toolbar, click the Insert Recording into Active Functional Test Script button .

    3. On the Recording Monitor toolbar, click the Insert Script Support Commands button .

  3. In the Script Support Functions dialog box, click the Comment tab.

  4. In the Comment to add to the script field, type the comment. Functional Tester does not automatically wrap the text. Put returns after each line.

  5. Click Insert Code.

    Functional Tester inserts the text with the appropriate comment delimiter (//) preceding each line.

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