Undoing a checkout

If you use ClearCase® for source control of your test assets, and if you check out an element and decide that you do not want to change it, you can cancel the checkout.

Before you begin

ClearCase does not create a new version, but discards any changes you made to the element and does not add any checkout events to its history.

To find checked out elements, select one or more projects, right-click, and click Team > Show Checkouts. You can cancel a checkout from the Show Checkouts View. Select one or more files, and then click the Undo Checkouts button ( ).

To undo a checkout:


  1. From the Functional Tester Projects view, right-click one or more checked-out elements and click Team > Undo Check Out.

  2. Under the Undo Check Out column, clear the check box of any element for which you do not want to undo the check out.

  3. To keep a copy of your changes, click Save copy of the file with a _keep extension.

  4. Click Finish.

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