Showing checkouts

If you use ClearCase® for source control management, you can list all the scripts and test assets that you currently have checked out.

To show checkouts:


  1. From the Functional Tester Projects view, right-click one or more projects.

    The status bar in the Functional Tester Test Perspective displays the projects in which to search for checked-out elements.

  2. From the shortcut menu, click Team > Show Checkouts.

    The Functional Tester Show Checkouts view opens.

  3. Optionally, select one or more files and perform any of the following tasks:

    • Right-click, and then click Open to open an element.

    • Right-click, and then click Check In to check in an element.

    • Right-click, and then click Undo Check Out to cancel a checkout.

    • Right-click, and then click Compare with Previous Version to compare an element with its previous version.

  4. Click X to close the Functional Tester Show Checkouts view.

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