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Capture visitor behavior data from browser.

No tag maintenance required for page, product, or category changes. Create a record of visitor interactions. Clients do not have to pre-define segments, visitor events, campaigns, or categories for analysis. We can analyze web analytics reports in context, without switching to an external tool, using overlay reports. We can integrate with other web analytics tools such as, Unica, Omniture, and Webtrends.


Information on page and site visitor management and sessions.

Page and visitor management activities include creating, reading, updating, and deleting. Session activities include login, logout, timeouts, and login failures.

Log and analyze server side site data
Analyze user behavior by Active Site Analytics
Collect analytics data
Display overlay analytics reports
Analytics tags and site promotions

Web content

  1. IBM Web Content Manager
  2. Content Template Catalog
  3. Personalization
  4. Portlets


IBM Web Content Manager Multilingual Solution

Social business

  1. IBM Sametime
  2. Blogs and wikis
  3. Tag and rate portal content


  1. Web application bridge
  2. IBM Industry Toolboxes for WebSphere Portal
  3. Application integration

WebSphere Portal Mobile Experience

The WebSphere Portal Mobile Experience includes sample navigation widgets and page layouts.

The Mobile Portal Accelerator provides a device repository for over 8000+ mobile devices. Site developers author web and content pages once, then leverage the accelerator's multi-channel server to automate presentation.

The IBM Web Experience Factory includes smartphone builders to help generate, native-like navigation tabs, lists, buttons, and controls, scrolling lists with display options, such as thumbnails and multiple line test with multiple styles, access to smartphone features, such as HTML 5, orientation, geographical location, selectable lists and check box lists.


Aggregation tasks, repeated with each request coming from the device...

WebSphere Portal provides the ability to create a custom navigation model, which includes such features as:

Another aspect of the Framework is the ability to personalize a user's portal experience, using "content spots that render subscribed content based on the user and user's role in the portal.