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Augment a dmgr profile with Portal on AIX

  1. Install portal on the primary node

  2. Install Installation Manager on the dmgr host.

  3. Add WebSphere Portal repositories to IM on the dmgr host.

  4. Install WAS ND on the dmgr

  5. Create a dmgr profile using the Management profile template

    Make sure that cell name and node name are different than the cell and node name used in portal. If they are the same, federation will fail. There is a way to change the dmgr cell name after creation of dmgr.

    • Using manageprofiles.sh...
      ./manageprofiles.sh -create 
                          -templatePath WAS_HOME/profileTemplates/management 
                          -hostName hostname
                          -cellName cellname
                          -nodeName nodename
                          -profileName Dmgr01 
                          -profilePath WAS_HOME/Dmgr01 
                          -enableAdminSecurity true 
                          -adminUserName dmgradmin 
                          -adminPassword dmgrpass

    • Using Profile Management Tool (pmt.sh)

      1. Run...

          cd WAS_HOME/bin/ProfileManagement

        ...and select...

          Profile Management Tool | Create | Environment Selection | Management | Next | dmgr | Next | Advanced profile creation

      2. Check the box...

          Deploy the administrative console

      3. On the panel...

          Profile Name and Location

        ...provide the name for the new profile and its location in the file system.

      4. Select...

          Make this profile the default

      5. On the Node, Host Names, and Cell Names panel, provide the node name and TCP/IP host name for the new profile.

      6. On the Administrative Security panel, check the box...

          Enable administrative security

        Enter values for the User name, Password, and Confirm password fields.

      7. On the Port Values Assignment panel, change any necessary port values and then click Next.

      8. On the panel...

          Profile Creation Summary

        ...review the information collected by the wizard, and then click Create to create the new profile based on the supplied information.

        The port values presented in the summary value are overridden by the port values used by the servers present in the configuration archive provided as part of the portal profile template. These port values need to be adjusted after profile creation if they are in conflict with other ports on the local system.

      9. Click Finish to exit PMT.

  6. Stop the deployment manager.

    If installing on dmgr co-located with portal, stop WebSphere_Portal as well.

  7. From portal host, scp...


    ...to the remote dmgr server.

  8. Expand the filesForDmgr.zip file into the installation root directory of the dmgr; for example in directory...


    If the dmgr profile was not created in the default Appserver/profiles/Dmgr01 directory, then copy...




  9. Start the deployment manager.

  10. Review dmgr logs

  11. Augment the dmgr profile:

    • Using manageprofiles.sh...
      cd WAS_HOME/bin
      ./manageprofiles.sh -augment  \
                          -templatePath WAS_HOME/profileTemplates/management.portal.augment \
                          -profileName Dmgr01

    • Using pmt.sh...

      1. Run...

          cd WAS_HOME/bin/ProfileManagement

      2. Click Launch Profile Management Tool

      3. Select the dmgr profile and then click Augment.

      4. On the Augment Selection panel, select dmgr for Portal, and then click Next.

      5. On the Profile Augmentation Summary panel, review the information collected by the wizard, and then click Augment.

      6. Click Finish to exit PMT.

  12. Stop and restart the dmgr server

  13. If there are common shortnames between the default dmgr security configuration and the LDAP server:

    1. Log on to the dmgr console.

    2. Navigate to Security > Global security.

    3. Under User account repository, click Configure.

    4. In the Primary administrative user name field, alter the user ID so that is using the full distinguished user name. For the default file user registry, the syntax is...


      for example: uid=wpadmin,o=defaultWIMFileBasedRealm.

    5. Click Apply.

    6. Enter the password for the user and then confirm the password.

    7. Save all changes.

    8. Log out of the WAS admin console.

  14. If you changed the context root on the panel...

      Configuration for IBM WebSphere Portal: Profile configuration details: Advanced

    ...during installation:

    1. Log on to the dmgr console and go to...

    2. Edit urlBlackList and urlWhiteList with the new context path. For example...

      • urlBlackList: /wpsmodified/myportal*
      • urlWhiteList: /wpsmodified/mycontenthandler*

    3. Click Apply | Save

    4. Log out of the dmgr console.

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