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Update the configuration archive on AIX

After customizing the portal environment, or installing an iFix that requires a configuration change, run replace-profiles. The readme file for the iFix must explicitly mention that configuration changes are introduced with the iFix. The replace-profiles task does not affect the existing profiles. It is used when creating new profiles. Manually apply changes to existing profiles.

If the business practice requires version control of all systems and files, create a back up copy of the CAR before running replace-profiles.

To update the configuration archive:

  1. If you installed portal as a non-root user, modify permissions for the Portal Server directory...

      chmod -R u+rwx PORTAL_HOME/

  2. From the WP_PROFILE/ConfigEngine of the configuration profile that was used to create the CAR, run...

      ConfigEngine.sh replace-profiles -DWasPassword=foo

    The Portal.car file is updated on


  3. Restore the non-root permissions...

    chmod -R u+rx PORTAL_HOME/

Install WebSphere Portal fix packs require that the WebSphere Portal profile templates are regenerated to upgrade to the new fix pack level. Run enable-profiles after the upgrade completes to regenerate the profile templates. Refer to the fix pack readme file for information about how to upgrade the profile templates when applying a fix pack.

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