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Context root for web modules settings page

Use this page to specify the context root for web modules during or after installation of an application onto a WebSphere Application Server deployment target.

To view this dmgr console page, click Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications > application_name > Context root for web modules. This page is the same as the Context root for web modules page on the application installation and update wizards.

Web Module

Name of a web module in the application that you are installing or that you are viewing after installation.


Location of the module relative to the root of the application EAR file.

Context Root

Context root of the web application (WAR).

A context root for each web module is defined in the application deployment descriptor during application assembly. Use this field to assign a different context root to a web module. The context root is combined with the defined servlet mapping (from the WAR file) to compose the full URL that users type to access the servlet. For example, if the context root is /gettingstarted and the servlet mapping is MySession, then the URL is http://host:port/gettingstarted/MySession.

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