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Uninstall a cluster on AIX

If you have a complete and functional uninstallation program, we can uninstall IBM WebSphere Portal only or both WebSphere Portal and IBM WAS from the cluster.

Uninstall WebSphere Portal using the uninstallation program

  1. Log on as the root user

  2. Stop the servers:

      cd WP_PROFILE/bin
      ./stopServer.sh WebSphere_Portal -username wpadmin -password foo

      cd WAS_HOME/bin
      ./stopServer.sh server1 -profileName cw_profile -username wpadmin -password foo

  3. Verify there are no other installations or uninstallations running.

  4. Uninstall WebSphere Portal and WAS:

    Option Commands
    GUI Open the Installation Manager and then select Uninstall.
    Silent cd IM_HOME/tools
    ./imcl input /path/to/response.xml -log /path/to/log/files

  5. Remove any remaining WebSphere Portal directories from the directory structure.

  6. Restart the machine, especially if you intend to reinstall WebSphere Portal on the same machine.

  7. Review: Delete specific cluster members

  8. To delete the WebSphere Portal server, if it exists, from the dmgr, click...

      Servers | Application Servers | Portal server (check box) | Delete

  9. Optional: After uninstalling WebSphere Portal and WAS, we can also delete Installation Manager...

      cd ibm/InstallationManager/uninstall

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