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Standalone: Post-installation tasks

Post-installation tasks:

  1. Enable the sample WCM content, such as internet and intranet sample sites, run...

      ./ConfigEngine.sh configure-express -DPortalAdminPwd=foo -DWasPassword=foo

    Run configure-express before configuring the database, user registry, context root, security, etc. If you ran any tasks other than the install task, do not run this task.

    The sample content includes:

    • Creates a group called contentAuthors; members of this group are given privileges to create content in the sample Internet and intranet sites. Navigate to...

        Administration | Access | Users and Groups

    • Creates two new Web Content Manager Libraries: "Internet Web Content 8.0.0" and "Intranet Web Content 8.0.0". Navigate to...

        Administration | Portal Content | Web Content Libraries

    • Adds a portlet filter and applies the filter to various portlets in the sample Internet and intranet sites. We can see the definition of the filter in the WAS admin console and examining the custom resources under the Environment area.

    • Creates two new theme policies: InternetStyle and IntranetStyle. These styles are applied to sample Internet and intranet sites. Navigate to Theme Customizer and then select the style.

    • Creates several portlet clones of the Web Content Manager rendering portlet. These portlet clones are used on sample Internet and intranet sites.

    • Creates two virtual portals with context roots of...

      • wps/portal/intranet
      • wps/portal/internet

      To access...

      • http://myserver:myport/wps/portal/internet
      • http://myserver:myport/wps/portal/intranet

    • Creates several sample credential slots, including "Default slot for Email", "Default slot for Feeds", "Default slot for Miscellaneous", "Default slot for Web Clipping", and "Default slot for Web Content Management". Navigate to...

        Administration | Access | Credential Vault

  2. If you ran configure-express, the owner of the items in the Web content libraries containing the Internet and Intranet Site Template content will be listed as...


    To update the owner information for these items to correspond to the portal admin ID:

    1. Edit...


    2. Add the following lines to the file:
      uid=wpsadmin,o=defaultWIMFileBasedRealm -> portal_admin_DN 
      cn=contentauthors,o=defaultWIMFileBasedRealm -> content_authors_group_DN

    3. Save the changes and close the file.

    4. Run...

        ./ConfigEngine.sh express-memberfixer -DPortalAdminPwd=foo -DWasPassword=foo

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