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Prepare the AIX OS in a stand-alone environment

  1. Prepare AIX systems for installation

  2. Set the file descriptor limit to 10240...

      ulimit -n 10240

  3. For IBM GPFS file sharing, set the file system inodes limit to 25000 or higher.

      mmchfs /dev/gpfs1nsd -F 250000

    /dev/gpfs1nsd is the portal installation file system.

  4. WCM only: Set the maximum file size that can be created. To remove file size limits...

      ulimit -f unlimited

  5. Install and configure X server on AIX (for example X-Windows or GNOME) to use the GUI the installation program provides. X server is not required if installing with a response file.

  6. To use the Work Load Partition (WPAR) software installed with the AIX OS software:

    1. Install in a WPAR.

    2. Set up the host system with enough disk space.

    3. Request new IP address and host name on the same subnet as the host system.

    4. After getting the new IP address and host name to create a new WPAR with a non-shared file system (meaning /usr and /opt are private to this new WPAR):

        mkwpar -r -l -n newhostname

    5. Verify the mkwpar task completed successfully.

    6. Use smitty to configure network interfaces.

    7. Connect and log in to the system using the telnet or ssh command as you would for any physical or vm images.

    8. Verify the /usr and /opt directories are writable.

    The WPAR instance is now ready to install Installation Manager and WebSphere Portal.

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