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Configure JCR search in a cluster on AIX

To enable search in a cluster for content stored in the JCR database, configure each server in the cluster to access a shared directory. JCR-based content includes content created with Web Content Manager or Personalization.

Create a shared directory called jcr/search on a server in the network and ensure that each node in the cluster and the dmgr has network access to the directory.

Set up the remote search service on the primary node of the cluster; refer to Configuring a remote search service for information.

Perform the following steps on each server in the cluster to configure Search in a clustered environment:

  1. Edit...


  2. Change the value of the property...


    ...to the shared directory; for example...

    jcr.textsearch.indexdirectory=\\\\your_server\\your_share\\jcr\\search. We can specify the shared directory value in one of the following formats:

    Format Shared directory
    UNC \\\\your_server\\your_share\\jcr\\search

    Example: \\\\hostname.example.com\\share\\jcr\\search

    Mounted resource /your_share/jcr/search

    For example: /mnt/jcr/search

    This format requires that you mount the shared directory to the local server (for example, through a mapped network drive or a mounted directory). When using the mounted resource format, always use forward slashes instead of back slashes, regardless of the native operating system path format.

  3. Based on the configuration of the remote search service, change the property...


    ...to either EJB or SOAP; then choose the appropriate additional steps:

    Value Additional steps

    1. Change property...


      ...to the URL of the naming service used to access the WebScanner EJB; for example...


    2. Change property...


      ...to the name of the WebScanner EJB; for example...


    SOAP Change the property...


    ...to the SOAP URL of the WebScanner for the search service.

  4. Change the jcr.textsearch.enabled value in the icm.properties file to true.

  5. Required: To delete the default search collections from the Manage Search portlet:

    1. Log on to WebSphere Portal as an administrator.

    2. Click Administration > Search Administration > Manage Search.

    3. Click Search Collections.

    4. Click the Delete Collection icon for the Portal Content search collection.

    5. Click OK.

    6. Restart the WebSphere_Portal server.

    7. Go to the Manage Search portlet and confirm that the Portal Content search collection was deleted.

    8. Manually create a JCR Collection called JCRCollection1; refer to Setting up JCR Search Collection for information.

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