Capacity on Demand


Capacity on Demand (CoD) enables you to dynamically activate one or more resources on your system as your business peaks dictate. You can activate inactive processors or memory units that are already installed on your system on a temporary and permanent basis.

Some systems include a number of active and inactive resources. Active processors and active memory units are resources that are available for use on your system when it comes from the manufacturer. Inactive processors and inactive memory units are resources that are included with your system, but not available for use until you activate them.

You can permanently activate processors and memory units by purchasing an activation feature and entering the provided activation code. Permanent capacity is available through Capacity Upgrade on Demand.

You can evaluate the use of inactive processors, memory, or both, at no charge using Trial Capacity on Demand.

You can also use inactive resources on a temporary basis, allowing you to activate processors or memory units for a number of days, as your business peaks demand. Temporary capacity is available through On/Off Capacity on Demand and Reserve Capacity on Demand.

For information about Capacity on Demand, see Capacity on Demand in the IBM Systems Hardware Information Center.