Connecting to iSeries:
iSeries Navigator


iSeries(TM) Navigator is the graphical user interface for managing and administering your server from your Windows(R) desktop. iSeries Navigator makes operation and administration of servers easier and more productive.

Getting to know iSeries Navigator
iSeries Navigator(TM) is a powerful graphical interface for Windows clients. With iSeries Navigator, you can use your graphical interface skills to manage and administer your servers.

iSeries Navigator for Wireless
The iSeries Navigator for Wireless service provides a user interface for performing some systems management activities from wireless, handheld devices.

iSeries Navigator tasks on the Web
iSeries Navigator tasks on the Web is a new way to work with iSeries Navigator functions from a Web browser.

Application Administration
Application Administration is an optionally installable component of iSeries Navigator. Application Administration allows administrators to control the functions or applications available to users and groups on a specific server. This includes controlling the functions available to users that access their server through clients.

Management Central
Use Management Central to make your system administration tasks simpler, easier, less time-consuming, and much less repetitive. Management Central can also lower your overall total cost of server ownership. It provides the technology you need to do systems management tasks across one or more servers simultaneously.

Intelligent agents
iSeries(TM) Navigator provides system administrators with an easy way to manage one or more Agent Building and Learning Environment (ABLE) agents running on a single system or across different systems.

Developing iSeries Navigator plug-ins
The plug-in feature for iSeries Navigator allows you to integrate your server administration tasks and client/server programs into a single application environment. You can use plug-ins to consolidate third-party applications and specialized functions written in C++, Visual Basic or Java(TM) into the iSeries Navigator interface. Use this information to learn what plug-ins are, how to create or customize them, and how to distribute them to your users.