iSeries Navigator for Wireless


iSeries™ Navigator for Wireless is an i5/OS® program that runs on a Web application server. With iSeries Navigator for Wireless, administrators can remotely monitor and manage system performance, status, jobs, and messages using an Internet-ready telephone, a personal digital assistant (PDA) with a wireless modem, or a traditional Web browser on a workstation.

Managing multiple systems is one of the more challenging aspects of running a growing business. IBM introduced Management Central to help administrators manage their systems. Users have enjoyed the ease, flexibility, and power of Management Central. From managing fixes and running commands across multiple systems to viewing real-time graphs of their systems performance, administrators have used Management Central to do their jobs much more efficiently.

With iSeries Navigator for Wireless, administrators have more flexibility in how they access and interact with Management Central.

After you have configured iSeries Navigator for Wireless to run on a Web server on your central system, enter the system URL into your Internet-ready telephone, PDA, or browser to perform the following tasks:

This information is intended to help you start using iSeries Navigator for Wireless by providing tips on which devices to use, how to install and configure the required elements, and by giving you an overview of the functions.