Set multiple security domains using scripting

We can customize the security configuration at the cell, sever, or cluster level by configuring multiple security domains.

Users assigned to the administrator role can configure security domains. Verify that we have the appropriate admin role before configuring security domains. Also, enable global security in the environment before configuring multiple security domains.

We can create multiple security domains to customize the security configuration. Use multiple security domains to achieve the following goals:


  1. Create a security domain.

    Create multiple security domains in the configuration. By creating multiple security domains, we can configure different security attributes for admin and user applications within a cell environment.

  2. Assign the security domain to one or a set of resources or scopes. Assign management resources to security domains. Set management resources to the security domains to customize the security configuration for a cell, server, or cluster.
  3. Customize the security configuration by specifying attributes for the security domain.

    See the following examples of security attributes:

    • User registries to validate user credentials

    • Authorization for validating access to resources
    • Trust association interceptor (TAI) to authenticate a Web user using a reverse proxy server

    • Application and system JAAS login configurations

    • LTPA timeout settings
    • Application security enablement to provide application isolation and requirements for authenticating application users

    • Java™ 2 Security to increase overall system integrity by checking for permissions before allowing access to certain protected system resources

    • Remote Method Invocation over Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (RMI/IIOP) to invoke Web services through remote procedure calls

    • Custom properties

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