Set trust association using scripting



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Use wsadmin to configure trust association configurations in a multiple security domain environment. Trust association enables the integration of the WAS security and third-party security servers. More specifically, a reverse proxy server can act as a front-end authentication server while WAS applies its own authorization policy onto the resulting credentials that are passed by the proxy server.

You must meet the following requirements before configuring a trust association:

Use wsadmin with Jython to run...

### 1. Create a trust association for the myDomain security domain
### 2. Configure the trust association to act as a reverse proxy server

AdminTask.configureTrustAssociation('-securityDomainName myDomain -enable true')

### Modify an existing interceptor.

AdminTask.configureInterceptor('[-interceptor -securityDomainName testDomain -customProperties ["", "",""]]')

### Save the configuration changes


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