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  1. Implement Web services applications
  2. Plan the use of Web services
  3. Assemble Web services applications
  4. Publish WSDL files
  5. Administer applications
  6. Develop JAX-WS Web services clients
  7. Develop JAX-RPC Web services clients
  8. Assemble a Web services-enabled client WAR file into an EAR file
  9. Deploy a Web services client application
  10. Test Web services-enabled clients
  11. Secure Web services
  12. Secure Web services for 5.x applications or Secure Web services for 6.x applications
  13. Secure using XML encryption
  14. Secure using basic authentication
  15. Secure using identity assertion authentication
  16. Secure using signature authentication
  17. Secure using a pluggable token
  18. Enable Web services with WSIF
  19. Invoke Web services with WSIF
  20. Manage WSIF
  21. Access and administer a UDDI registry for WAS ND
  22. Tune Web services applications
  23. Troubleshoot Web services
  24. Troubleshoot Web services command-line tools
  25. Troubleshoot Web services compiled bindings
  26. Troubleshoot the run time for a Web services client
  27. Troubleshoot serialization and deserialization in Web services
  28. Troubleshooting authentication and authorization for WS-Security
  29. Troubleshoot authentication and authorization for WS-Security
  30. Troubleshoot UDDI
  31. Web services
  32. IBM Redbooks Web Services Handbook for WAS 6.1.



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