Introduction: Dynamic cache



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Cache instances

An application uses a cache instance to store, retrieve, and share data objects within the dynamic cache.

Disk cache infrastructure enhancements

Learn about the several performance enhancements are available for the dynamic cache service.

Cache replication

Learn about how cache replication generates data and copies it to the other servers.

Eviction policies using the disk cache garbage collector

The disk cache garbage collector is responsible for evicting objects out of the disk cache, based on a specified eviction policy.

Cache monitor

Cache monitor is an installable Web app that provides a real-time view of the current state of dynamic cache. You use it to help verify that dynamic cache is operating as expected. The only way to manipulate the data in the cache is by using the cache monitor. It provides a GUI interface to manually change data.

Invalidation listeners

Invalidation listener mechanism uses Java events for alerting applications when contents are removed from the cache.


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