Introduction: Transactions



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WAS offers transaction support. In some contexts, a transaction is referred to as a logical unit of work (LUW).

A transaction is unit of activity within which multiple updates to resources can be made atomic (as an indivisible unit of work) such that all or none of the updates are made permanent.

For example, multiple SQL statements to a relational database are committed atomically by the database during the processing of an SQL COMMIT statement. In this case, the transaction is contained entirely within the database manager and can be referred to as a local transaction.

If a transaction involves multiple resource managers, for example multiple database managers, then an external transaction manager is required to coordinate the individual resource managers. A transaction that spans multiple resource managers can be referred to as a global transaction.

Last participant support enables the use of a single one-phase commit capable resource with any number of two-phase commit capable resources in the same global transaction. We can have multiple interactions that involve the one-phase commit resource in the same transaction, but only one such resource can be involved.

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