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  1. Commit priority for transactional resources
  2. Set a data source
  3. Set client reroute for applications that use DB2 databases
  4. Set Oracle Real Application Cluster
  5. Customize and bind SQLJ profiles db2sqljcustomize
  6. Deploy business-level applications
  7. Deploy SQLJ applications that use bean-managed persistence, servlets, or sessions beans
  8. Deploy SQLJ applications
  9. Enable Web Services Addressing support for JAX-WS applications
  10. Example: Handling data access exception - error mapping in DataStoreHelper
  11. Exceptions pertaining to data access
  12. JAXB
  13. JAX-WS
  14. JPA Access Intent
  15. JTA support
  16. Local transaction containment (LTC)
  17. Task overview: Data Studio pureQuery
  18. Web Services Addressing annotations
  19. Web Services Addressing support
  20. Web Services Atomic Transaction support in the appserver
  21. Web Services-Interoperability Basic Profile
  22. WS-ReliableMessaging: supported specifications and standards