How do I develop and deploy applications?



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  1. Design applications
  2. Automate the build environment with Apache Ant
  3. Develop Web apps
  4. Develop EJB applications
  5. Develop client applications
  6. Develop data access resources
  7. Develop messaging resources
  8. Secure applications, messages, and data
  9. Take advantage of WebSphere model extensions
  10. Create enterprise application archives (EAR files)
  11. Create Web app archives (WAR files)
  12. Create EJB application archives (JAR files)
  13. Create application client archives (JAR files)
  14. Create connector modules (RAR files)
  15. Set class loaders
  16. Dynamic application reloading
  17. Troubleshoot deployment problems
  18. Migrate to Java SE 6