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  1. Deploy Web apps (same as any application type)
  2. Troubleshoot Web app deployment
  3. Modify the default Web container configuration
  4. Set session management
  5. Disable run-time compilation of JSPs
  6. Tune session management
  7. Develop Web apps that use declarative security
  8. Use programmatic security when declarative security is not enough
  9. Secure Web apps during assembly
  10. Develop servlets that filter requests or responses
  11. Develop servlets that notify listeners of context or session changes
  12. Develop servlets using page lists to avoid hardcoding URLs
  13. Develop servlets that manage HTTP sessions
  14. Have WAS ND automatically set encoding values and content types
  15. Share session data among various Web modules in the same application
  16. Develop JSPs with WebSphere extensions
  17. Migrate Web app components (servlets, JSPs)
  18. Migrate HTTP sessions
  19. Set Web app deployment descriptors
  20. Create WAR files for deployment
  21. Web apps



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