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Use the Console Preferences page to specify how you want features of the admin console workspace to behave.

To view this admin console page, click System administration > Console preferences.

Turn on workspace automatic refresh

Whether you want the admin console workspace to refresh automatically after the admin configuration changes.

The default is for the workspace to refresh automatically. If we delete a WebSphere variable, for example, the WebSphere variables page refreshes automatically and shows the updated list of WebSphere variables in the WebSphere variables collection.

Specifying that the workspace not refresh automatically means that access a page again by clicking the console navigation tree or links on collection pages to see the changes that are made to the administrative configuration.

Default true (selected)

No confirmation on workspace discard

Whether the confirmation dialog is displayed after a request is received to discard the workspace. The default is to display confirmation dialogs.

Default false (cleared)

Use default scope

Whether the default scope is the admin console node.

All scopes is the default unless you enable the Use default scope setting to make the admin console node the default. Whatever the default is the first time that you view a console panel that has scope settings, that is the default for the panel on subsequent visits that you make to the panel. The default for the panel does not change even if we modify the Use default scope setting.

Default false (cleared)

Show the help portlet

Whether the help portlet on the right of the console displays.

Default true (selected)

Enable command assistance notifications

Whether to send JMX notifications that contain command assistance data from the admin console. Enablement of the notifications allows integration with product tools such as the Toolkit Jython editor for WAS. Enablement of this option is recommended for non-production environments only.

Default false (cleared)

Log command assistance commands

Whether to log all the command assistance wsadmin data to a file. This file is saved to...

${LOG_ROOT}/server/commandAssistanceJythonCommands_user name.log


  • ${LOG_ROOT} is the profile location.
  • server is the server process where the console runs, such as dmgr, server1, adminagent, or jobmgr.
  • user name is the admin console user name.

Occasionally clean out the file to manage its growth.

Default false (cleared)

Synchronize changes with nodes

Whether to synchronize changes that are saved to the deployment manager profile with all the nodes that are running.

Default false (cleared)


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